Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Salme Dahlstrom - Sexy Punk by Salme Dahlstrom - Official Video

Artist Name: Salme Dahlstrom

Director of Video: Bryce Prevatte

Video Title: Sexy Punk

Video Genre: Electronic

Video Description: The overall theme for the video was “love” and to use short scenes to show love in different ways, from replicating Marilyn Monroe’s famous kiss into the camera to someone wearing a gas mask holding up a sign saying “inhale love”. Whatever the setting, it was important to me that the message I was sending was positive and diverse. Editing wise I was looking for the scenes to move in rhythm (as much as the music), which I think Bryce Prevatte, the director, did beautifully. The shaken up, flickering feel I think is the perfect combo to the song.

Twitter Account: @salmed

Additional Info: Salme is an independent electronic dance artist based out of New York. Her critically acclaimed albums are shock full of funky guitars, rocking breaks and cherry flavored pop hooks. She writes, performs and produces all her own material. The Wall Street Journal crowned her “The Licensing Queen”. Her new album is out June 17 and is called POP PROPAGANDA VOLUME 1.